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Archive - May 2006 | Wired Cola

Archive - May 2006

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Nothing to see here

I'm really writing this item to test a new feed toy I'm experimenting with, thanks to a tip from Gord, that while not itself the solution, may have inspired the solution.

Since I'm here, you'll all be thrilled to hear that I finished a big seventh-ish in my race tonight, and it hurt so much it had to be good for me. I was out of breath and completely useless for a good 15 minutes after the race, and spent considerable time after that feeling pretty woozy, which must be the sign of a good sprint.

Doing Okay

Sometimes, that's just how it is. I'm not taking photos right now, because my digital camera is vacationing in Greece. My bike racing is hobbled by ten pounds too many, and I'm not helping that much the way I'm eating right now (but...let's keep this in perspective: bike racing is for fun).

I'm still keeping most of the secrets I alluded to a post or two ago, but I can say that I have a side job I'm doing with The Lovely One right now that is truly exquisite in its irony.

My ego knows no bounds

One of my posts to the metblog (and my accompanying photo) got a nod at Gridskipper. I shall add it to my collection of ego-gratifying compliments.

And now all the world shall know the glory of The Red Onion!

&quot;A Bowl of Evil&quot;

That was The Lovely One's one-sentence reaction after seeing an ad for a KFC Hot Bowl.

Violating personal principles

So after previous rants on the subject of how much movie theatres suck, what was I doing in one a few weekends ago?

Watching Mission: Impossible III.

Why? Someone in my household has a sentimental attachment to the last remnants of joy in the theatre-going experience, and that was the movie playing as a Saturday matinee.

Risk, Disaster, and Mitigation

As one of my minor hats at work, I'm a Floor Warden, which is a nice term for the people who wear colourful vests and order others out of the building in an emergency. This meant I got to attend an interesting presentation Monday on planning for emergencies and disasters (for the uninitiated, there's a difference: emergencies happen in the context of the rapid arrival of external professional help. In other words, the fire department will be there shortly. Disasters are that class of problem where services are overwhelmed (hurricanes, earthquakes, geography-spanning stuff like that) and there is an expectation you'll be on your own for a while.

The stuff stayed with me. I liked the succinct summary of disaster management: "nobody else dies."

Irregular update

So I haven't been posting enough here, partly owing to my yeoman work at Metroblogging Vancouver and partly because I have been busy with projects.

Right now, just for fun, I'm keeping secrets. Maybe you'll get to hear some of them later, maybe not.

Here's a good one: if I had recently learned of a tool that made my ability to search obscure eBay auctions much more effective, should I share it?