Beer blogging double: Petrus Dubbel Bruin, Duvel

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It was a double of Belgians tonight. Well, really, one last night and one tonight, but we're blogging 'em as a doubleheader. Last night's was the Petrus, third from the right, and tonight's was the Duvel, second from left:

8 Belgian beers. Yummy.
The Petrus Dubbel Bruin may be my favourite of the group so far. It's a fine, complex dark beer, like strong and nutty and intruiguing Guinness. 4/5. The Duvel was merely okay. A drinkable strong beer, but not magical. At the prices of these lovely imports, I expect greatness, not goodness. 2/5.



You know, I've had the same reaction to Duvel. Strong, but not that inspiring, especially compared to a lot of the other really really good Belgian beers.

My favourites are still Chimay Grande Reserve (used to be gold, now blue -- why they chose to scramble the colours up about 6 years ago is utterly beyond me), Orval, and Augustijn. They're all so hard to find around here. Where did TLO run across them?

Signature stores

TLO, as far as I know, bought all of these at the "Signature" LDB in PoCo. The Signature liquor stores carry many more of the specialty listings in the LDB catalog.

Other than them, Stella's on commercial advertises a vast cellar of Belgians, though they are priced to match.

I like the way Duvel kind of

I like the way Duvel kind of explodes when it hits the mouth... High density for a pale ale, and exciting to quaff ! Had some on tap when I visited Amsterdam in 2004. Nectar of the Gods...