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Beer Blogging: Echt Kriekenbier | Wired Cola

Beer Blogging: Echt Kriekenbier

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As a very special anniversary present, TLO bought me a monkey-puzzle tree.

Ryan standing beside his new monkey-puzzle tree

She also bought me a bunch of fancy Belgian beers, and I thought it might be fun to blog them. Fun for me, that is: I get to drink 'em. You just get to be jealous.

8 Belgian beers. Yummy.

So today's new beer is Echt Kriekenbier, a cherry beer that I had with some sweets at lunch. It pours out ruby-red, with not too much head. The taste is deceptive: full of cherry flavor but still quite dry. Well-suited to drinking with something sweet, and I'll say, um, 3 (of 5) if we have to put a number to it. Definitely a special-occasion beer, not something I'd have with dinner.


3 of the 8 on display were

3 of the 8 on display were consumed by yours truly at Six Acres in Gastown just last week, the Echt Kriek included. I'm now intrigued what you have to say about the Duvel and the Tripel. I did the Echt last, as given its sweetness, seemed like a dessert option.


Did you really find the Kriek sweet? It has a lot of cherry flavour, but I didn't notice the sweetness per se. Nonetheless, the cherry flavour is so strong that it's an obvious chocolate pairing.

Speaking of which, I think there's now four available "chocolate stouts" in BCLDB listings, and I've only tried three of them.

For the Duvel and Tripel tastings, watch this space.

Happy anniversary :)

I would have never thought that Belgian beer would be a treat, up until I went for beers with my friend AF at some Belgian beer place on Commercial Drive. Whose name I can't recall. Great.



You almost certainly went to Stella's, though there's a small chance it was Belgian Fries.

The easy way to distinguish them is that Belgian Fries has deep-fried Mars bars on the menu (not as good as you'd think) while Stella's has about a hundred types of beer on the menu.

Yes, it was Stella's


Yes, it was Stella's. I am SO horrible with names. But what gave it away is what you mentioned... there's about a hundred types of beer in the menu.

Thanks for sharing these

Thanks for sharing these info with us!
I will keep in touch with your blog reading...


That was nice of her! I'll have to send this to my wife..


What type of tree is that. i haven't heard about it.

For the beer, that is great. It would make you forget about your worries. Beer Rocks!


Thanks, I never tried it

Thanks, I never tried it before and it's great you shared the info with the rest of us. You're right, I am a little bit jealous, my wife would never buy my this on my birthday even though I have a membership in our beer of the month club, she thinks I get all the good stuff inside the club and she is right but still I wouldn't mind her surprising me.

Could you please share some

Could you please share some of your favorite brand names of bear?

Favorite Bears

I think the "Spirit Bear" rebranding has been really effective, and...bear?

Unibroue anything, especially Trois Pistoles
St. Louis kriek beer

In the summer, or in Greece, I really lean towards mainstream lagers. Heineken is basically the best widely-available beer in Greece.

In the winter? Stouts, dark ales, Winter ales (I really liked Granville Island's Christmas Ale). But this is not a comprehensive list.