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Christmas Letter

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The single best reason for writing stuff here is because I forget things, so this is a searchable online diary that allows me to catalog my life, only with snarky comments from you! That makes it more fun than a regular diary.

I don't think I realized what an action-packed year 2008 was until I cataloged the goings-on. It started with being on Test the Nation in January, proceeded through more odd construction projects than I have ever attempted previously, sent me to places I haven't been before (like inside a brewery) and ended with about four months of work-related stuff that was dramatic (in a good way). Projects that I championed went from side-of-the-desk proof of concepts to absolutely vital pieces of infrastructure, sometimes with astonishing speed. I got a new job that means I now have, for better or worse, a position with more responsibility, creativity, and outright project management than I have previously.

To impose a theme on this year, it was all about Getting Things Done. Not that I am a GTD disciple per se (heck, even Merlin Mann has half-recanted), but I will probably think of this as the year that I went from agonizing about the stuff I was procrastinating to finishing what I started in a timely manner. Early days, but the progress is in the right direction.

One person deserves more credit for this than any other, and it's my bride, TLO. She has been an example of how to finish what you start, and one I have tried to emulate since I met her. 12 years later, it's starting to sink in a little, and I am grateful.

This has been a year of early rising, early to bed, and fairly frenzied living in between. It's been a year of good friendships and good family, good rides (but alas, bad racing) and a dog that was mostly good, occasionally bad.

Rebecca, for her part, saw the career centre she works for sold and moved to Gastown, but that was quickly followed up by a promotion to Academic Director. On the downside, she's suffering from a nagging and painful back problem that cropped up several weeks back, and is still ongoing.

Let's see what I did this year...

January: Talked to a screaming cockatoo, Flew to YYZ to be on national television and saw the HHOF.

February: Discovered One, Two, Three.

March: Tried to ride to a hot spring, failed. What an excellent ride.

April: Made Lego aircraft on my lunch hours.

May: I turned a goofy part into a goofy bike, then TLO and I had quite possibly the finest Chinese dinner we will ever have.

June: TLO fed me well.

July: TLO and I debated whether it was ethical to lie to a remote control.

August: Drank beer, got a lovely beer hat.

September: Drank more beer, went to a brewery, drank beer there, then got beer sent to my house.

October: got older, got a promotion, built an especially weird bike, made a funny movie:

The Dog Spends most of its Day on the Couch from Ryan Cousineau on Vimeo.

November: Made stylish cycling pants, then got very mad at a USB docking station.

December: TLO and I skated at the Richmond speed skating oval, and I changed my facebook profile photo.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good day, and a good next year, and do good.